Best Free Ecommerce Website Builders for 2019

So you have your product ready to sell online. You think it’s incredible, you know people are gonna love it, and you’re visioning your goods flying off the e-shelves.

But, before you do anything, you’ll need to decide how you’re going to sell it and where. Do you really need to spend money better used in other areas of your business, building a new website? Especially, when there are plenty of free e-commerce website builders. They literally won’t cost you a bean.

Ultimately, it’s you who needs to decide what your business needs in place to maximize sales. Use this criterion to determine what website builder to use. There aren’t dozens out there, so use our handy guide to navigate your way to the right decision.

So, without further ado, let’s find out which of these platforms is the best free ecommerce website builder!

1. WooCommerce

This is an open source shopping cart that works with WordPress sites, so if you’re already a WordPress user, this is a highly popular choice. WooCommerce (read our full WooCommerce review) has been going since 2001, has 48 million downloads and powers about 30% of online stores.

Best of all, WooCommerce is free to download, and it doesn’t charge any transaction fees. However, for you to maintain your WooCommerce site, you’ll have to pay for WordPress hosting (if you haven’t already) because WooCommerce isn’t a standalone e-commerce site, it’s a plugin. Also, if you want to access WooCommerce’s add ons, you’ll have to pay a fee.

The upside to using WooCommerce is that you can list an unlimited number of products for sale, take payments via PayPal or credit/debit cards, and choose from four mobile-friendly templates.

There’s also stock tracking to help ensure you never accidentally make a sale you can’t deliver. Last but not least, WooCommerce offers online support staff to help you hit the ground running.

It’s an ideal option for someone wanting to launch an online store and implement top-notch content marketing strategies.

WooCommerce SquareSpace Alterantive

2. Magento

Magento began back in 2008. There are two versions, the free one and the paid one. Magento Community Edition is a free option and is ideal for growing small businesses and start-ups. Users can customize it to suit their own needs, and there are forums available for users to share tips and tricks.

Magento (read our Magento review) claims it has the most active and most prominent community of developers in the world. Reviewers say it’s easy to navigate if you’ve never set up an e-commerce site before.

There are free materials offering advice on how to grow your business, how to sell your merchandise online, and much much more. That’s in addition to technical support you can use to help set up your e-commerce store.

4. FreeWebStore

This platform boasts more than 600,000 online store owners.

Freewebstore provides secure cloud-based hosting, and you can use your existing domain name. It’s also available to individuals and businesses alike. You can look at hundreds of different store designs and choose one that complements the tone of your brand.

All designs are mobile compatible and come with an image editor and allow you to link to your store’s social media accounts. There’s also access to Google Maps to make it easier for customers to find you- this is especially handy if you’re operating a brick and mortar store.

Shoppers pay you directly through your chosen payment method, for example, credit or debit card. There’s a whole section on how to get started, how to get a domain name, and how to explain the postage of your products.

You can access the site from anywhere in the world and set up alerts so when items are low in stock; the site will let you know. If you’re going to be selling stock that’s age related, then, this platform can help you set up an age verification process.

best free ecommerce website builder

4. Ecwid

Ecwid‘s suitable for digital store owners wanting to add a free e-commerce store to their existing website. At the time of writing, this platform boasts as many as 1.6 million small businesses as clients.

There’s a free version, and three paid for packages all of which offer mobile compatibility and unlimited bandwidth. However, the paid for solutions provide a better standard of customer support and an abandoned cart option that you don’t get with the free basic version.

Ecwid (read our Ecwid review) works across multiple platforms including WordPressWix, and Squarespace.  There’s also a limit to just ten products you can sell for free, so if you have a broad product range, this isn’t the website builder for you.

5. Square

Square (read our Square reviews) isn’t only a payment platform for stores and restaurants, but their latest addition is a newly created online store builder. There’s no monthly fee, just a 2.9% plus 30c credit card processing fee per transaction. Square allows you to sell online, in person and syncs your sales for your brick and mortar shop and your online store sales.

Like other sites, there are paid for packages too. The free bundle offers up to 500MB storage, but you can, for example,  list unlimited products, manage your inventory and arrange for store pickups. You can’t however, accept payments through PayPal or list product reviews.

There’s a community forum, chat, phone and email support for free customers and integration with Instagram.

Square includes a POS solution in its base service, and WooCommerce and Ecwid both offer integration with Square to fulfill that need.

best free ecommerce website builder

6. Strikingly

‘Build your brand. Conquer the world. Zero code or design skills required.’

That’s Strikingly‘s tag line, and it certainly packs a punch.

It’s a website builder offering users the opportunity to build an e-commerce store.

There are four packages, and its free version gives you five GB monthly bandwidth and up to 25 product listings. However, you can’t remove the Strikingly name from your site if you go with the free option, but you can publish an unlimited number of free sites. You also get free 24/7 support from their “happiness officers”!

best free ecommerce website builder

7. MyOnlineStore

If you’re based in the EU, this may work well for you if you want to sell to an international audience. There’s a language translation option, and you can arrange your orders by country or by language if you want to.

There are several plans or packages; the free one allows you to list up to 25 products. It gives credit card, debit card, and PayPal payment options and produces mobile-friendly websites.

However, it doesn’t give you the ability to social share, something many of its competitors offer as a matter of course.

When you’re creating your online shop, MyOnlineStore‘s template allows you to drag and drop elements while building and customizing your store.

best free ecommerce website builder

8. Webnode

Launched back in 2008, Webnode made its debut. Fast forward to today, and over 30 million users have an account. Millions of entrepreneurs have created their own websites, portfolios, personal blogs, and e-commerce stores with Webnode (read our Webnode website builder review).

The website builder is incredibly straightforward to use, so you don’t need to be overly techy to make the most out of it.

All you have to do is choose from one of their many stunning templates. From there, you can customize it to exude your brand in just a few minutes. Best of all? It’s free.

Plus, all their sites are mobile-friendly. So, it doesn’t matter what kind of device your visitors are using to browse the web; it’ll look beautiful no matter what.


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